Switches & Accessories
Modular Switch
Switches are the best in class switches offered under our brand name Mission which is sleek in design and best in safety .
1 Way Switch 16 Amp Socket 12 Module Plate Modular Switch  
Mini Modular Switch
Regent Series
RG-11 RG-31 RG-51  
PM Series
16 Amp Socket 16 Amp Switch      
Non –Modular Switch
Non Module switches are offered under Lotus and Star Shine series.
Lotus Switch Rosy Switch 5 in 1    
Star Shine
6 Amp Switch 6 Amp Socket      
Secure your home with our range of concealed and surface mounting boxes for installing switches, sockets etc. Their wide range offers complete protection to your electrical installations.
PVC Gang Box PVC Surface Board

MCB Distribution Box